This series of Alcorso wines represents the very pinnacle of my 40-year career as a winemaker …


Julian Alcorso is recognised as one of Tasmania’s premier winemakers. He began his Alcorso wine project in 2011 with a single goal in mind – to produce the very best Tasmanian Riesling and Pinot Noir possible.


Each year Julian worked with expert growers around the state, selecting premium parcels of fruit off vines no less than 20 years old. In the winery he handled the grapes with extreme care and no effort or expense was spared to craft wines for long term cellaring that would continue to mature and evolve.


“For the Riesling, I wanted to allow the purity of flavours and the natural acidity to shine. I love structure in Riesling, and as there was no urgency to release this wine, I embraced the natural phenolics rather than remove them as is so often the case.”


“The Pinot Noir was about structure, weight, character and finesse as well as flavour, acidity, length and line. Vinification was designed to extract the flavours, colours and tannins in such a way as to build weight and complexity. Twenty plus months in oak, carefully monitored with regular lees stirring and no additions of any kind, aided this process.” 

The 2011 Alcorso Riesling and Pinot Noir were both aged for 5 years prior to release.

They are the first of 5 vintages of Alcorso Wines.